Having trouble measuring for the right size? Our resource guides below will walk you step by step on the best methods to measure for the perfect fit. Find additional guides on how to care for your hairpiece.

Finding the right hairpiece size

Finding the correct top size for your hairpiece is significant. Nobody needs to trust that their hairpieces will show up, just to find that the hairpieces are unusable on the grounds that they are either too huge or excessively little. While the normal estimated hairpieces will in general fit the vast majority, we recommend that you measure your head size first to guarantee immaculate fit.

There are three distinct estimations to make sense of your ideal hairpiece size. Follow the bearings beneath and write down your estimations. By counseling the table beneath, you will discover your sizes.

On the off chance that you discover your sizes from the three distinct estimations change, go with the size that surfaces the most. (for example In the event that you get Average, Average to Large, and Average from your estimations, go with the Average size). You will likewise locate that a few hairpieces are movable by up to an inch. If it’s not too much trouble note that sizes may differ somewhat by brand and that not all hairpieces are accessible in all top sizes.

HOW-TO: Measure a head for a hairpiece

HOW-TO: Put On a Hairpiece (With or Without Hair)